For Cyprus Dossier
Cyprus Dossier
2012, 2013
editorial, typography

Cyprus Dossier was a bilingual free-press publication published in Cyprus from 2011 until 2015. ‘An intellectual journal, that initiated frequent cross disciplinary dialogue on political, social and cultural issues faced by the island’s inhabitants, as diversely and impartially as possible’.

Design of back cover for issue 03 and the Collaboration Glyph for issue 05.
Under the parted self piercing star that has fallen of the European flag, we see listed alphabetically the countries that form the EU an their corresponding Govt dept % to GDP.

The Collaboration Glyph is designed to communicate an ethically charged collaboration, where 2 people or more come together to work towards an ethical cause. The initial shape deriving from the Ampersand is mirrored and conjoined to create an uninterapted path that merges the 2 sides.