Uniting the Meditterannean Sea
Marios Ioannou
performance identity, print material

Concept, art direction and design for Identity, print communication and website of Uniting the Mediterranean Sea. A theatrical performance designed to take place in the sea. Part of Paphos 2017, a performance for the European Capital cultural events.

The 6 performers — from 6 different Mediterranean cities — acted as the protagonists not only of the play but also all communication outputs. In the early announcements of the dates the 6 men were presented with eyes closed, under water with a visual approach that combined illustration and photography. Closer to the dates of the performance the 6 faces reemerged with their eyes open looking directly at the spectator.


Concept & Direction:
Achim Wieland
Despina Kannaourou
Constantinos Hadjidemetri
Project Co-ordination: Achim Wieland

Design: Despina Kannaourou

Illustration & Animation: Constantinos Hadjidemetri