Tsiakkas Zivania & Commandaria
Tsiakkas Winery
packaging, branding

Despite being regarded as 2 very different products, Tsiakkas Zivania and Commandaria are sold as a part of a collection. Tsiakkas Zivania is in fact being matured in Commandaria casks and takes the  same colour after the ageing process unlike the classic transparent traditional drink. Produced from the same grapes the two products share a lot and especially their importance in the Cypriot history and culture.

          The label for Commandaria is designed in a way that its closure forms  a die-cut cross as a reference on its being the wine of the holy communion as well as taking its name from the crusaders. A diagonal die-cut line is used for the Zivania as a simplification of the letter Z and a dynamic continuum. 

          For the 2 triangular boxes, 2 marbling prints where converted and printed in the brand colour of each drink. Marbling was chosen due to its organic process of making that can be compared to that of wine making. Also because traditionally it was used for the wrapping of precious books and gifts. As all the information is printed on a separate band and once that is taken off, the box is left to be appreciated for its craft.

Design and Creative Direction: Despina Kannaourou Original Marbling: Christina Panjarou

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