Limited Edition 2nd Series
Tsiakkas Winery
packaging, branding, illustration

Design and illustrations for an expanding collection of wines that is produced in small batches. Each label depicts a local bird that is drawn in a style that references ancient Cypriot pottery designs. A Heron represents the the local Promara variety, a truly elegant wine that is still difficult to come about. The Partridge and the Hoopoe, 2 birds that can be seen around the winery, represent the first 2 produced wines of the series – a Sauvignon Blanc and a Chardonnay matured in oak casks. The nocturnal Barn owl is depicted on the only red wine of the series – a sophisticated local variety called Yiannoudi. There are 3 categories of wines in the series so far while one more is on its way. The local whites are printed using gold foil while silver foil is used for introduced white varieties. The local reds are printed in copper foil and the foreign reds will be printed in red gold.

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