Autochthon Series
Tsiakkas Winery
packaging, branding, illustration

Design and illustrations for Tsiakkas Winery Autochthon Series. Each label depicts a local bird that is drawn in a style that references ancient Cypriot pottery designs. A Heron represents the the local Promara variety, the nocturnal Barn owl is depicted on Yiannoudi. The Partridge and the Hoopoe, 2 birds that can be seen around the winery, represent the first 2 produced wines of the series – a Sauvignon Blanc and a Chardonnay matured in oak casks. 

* From 2023 the series took a shift towards Cypriot grape varieties eliminating thus S. Blanc and Chardonay and adding Mouklos – Mavro (Common Kestrel), Vamvakada (Long Eared Owl) and Pitsilia – Xynisteri Terroir (Francolin).