The Performance Shop



identity, creative direction

The Performance Shop is a pop-up shop offering a variety of available performances of diverse styles, genres and themes, giving viewers/passers-by the opportunity to choose, watch or participate in one or more of the available works.

To this day, The Performance Shop opened in 3 different cities with the 2018 edition being part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

The typographic identity is designed in such a way that a new city name can be added to it at any time. The colours also change with each new location. A neon sign with the logo features in every city's shop.

The 2018 identity features a golden fabric that was photographed specifically to fit the P shaped poster that also folded into a triptych flyer. The image of the gold fabric itself became a performative commemoration of the rich heritage the new location boasted. A street, known in its glory days as the ‘Athenian fabric retail hot spot’.

Identity guidelines where used across various media as well as the website.