Les Quatrestacions
Mot Studio
information graphics, music, exhibition design

Lesquatrestacions, otherwise The Four Seasons, refers to the musical composition of the Italian 18th century composer Antonio Vivaldi. Lesquatrestacions is essentially a graphic interpretation of the musical score played by the three violins in the four violin concertos that make this baroque masterpiece.

The four posters are each the entire concert of one season played by the lead violin. The notation for all 3 violins and the explanations of the system appear in the book.

The stamps were the first accomplished part of Lesquatrestacions – and have been designed as a gift for the studio’s clients. The actual size graphic extract that appears on the stamps has each been extrapolated from one of the 4 posters designed to visualise each a concert from Vivaldi's 4 seasons.

Lesquatrestacions was carried out using the designed prototype system SisTeMu – a graphic notation system which looks at interpreting musical texture.

created@ MOT with Laia Clos

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