Halloween at the Old Port
2GO Concept Store
stage design, 3D illustration

The making of 2 large scale sculptural stage decorations where commissioned by 2Go Concept Store for their Halloween Party at the Old Port square. Inspired by illustrations created with pyssla beads, Constantinos (illustrator) and Despina (creative director) ordered the laser cutting of 1300 polygonal tubes in order to create the face of a clown and a Mexican Calavera (skull). The polygonal tubes  had to be painted individually and glued manually, to form the illustrations that had been created digitally by Constantinos. As expected, due to the pixelated nature of the project the way it is viewed changes depending on the distance of the viewer.

Concept: Constantinos Hadjidemetri & Despina Kannaourou

Illustration: Constantinos Hadjidemetri
Making: Constantinos Hadjidemetri & Despina Kannaourou

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